Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Aztec 2D Code?

A Couple of weeks ago I already posted about the existence of the Aztec 2D Code. The displayed picture shows an example of the Aztec 2D Code.

I've seen this 2D pop-up several times over the past weeks, and a quick Wikipedia search shows it is the primary choice as a 2D bar-code for the travel sector.

Basically this code can perform the same as the QR Code, datamatrix,, or other 2D bar codes. The way the location marker(s) are placed and how the data is build up differ between various 2D codes.

And most of the 2D barcodes make use of Reed-Solomon error correction, with selectable grades of redundancy.

What makes the Aztec code special is that is supports all kind of characters. The message encode system can handle special characters, that might be part of anyone's name, besides the standard ASCII character set. This special feature makes Aztec code specially suitable for airline and other ticketing supporting companies, that require to place a persons name in the 2D code.

So if your name is "Владимир Путин", and you are president of Russia.. :-) The name can still be placed in a 2D Bar-Code on a boarding pass. Try to get that one in a QR Code :-)

Time for graphically enhanced Custom Aztec Codes? 

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