Monday, December 30, 2013

QR Code Trailers.

Quote from the movie A Beautiful Mind: "But on the night, here you are, making a Hollywood movie..."

There are just a few movie poster, or other movie related promotional material that hold QR Codes.
The Iron Man II movie poster contained a QR Code in the Uni-Beam of the Iron Man suit.
This QR Code was linked to a online promotion.
I haven't found a Iron Man III movie poster containing a QR Code, it seems that the usage of QR Codes in relation with movies is not consistent.
Captain America The Winter Soldier QR Code

In my opinion each modern movie poster should contain a QR Code linking to the trailer. QR Codes target the mobile phone users, and most modern mobile phone have no problem running these trailers.

With just a bit of enhancement effort the QR Code can be graphically linked to the movie.

Here is my Captain America The Winter Soldier QR Code. Maybe Marvel Studio's is interested :-)

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