Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make a QR Code part of your team.

Quote from the movie Men in Black: "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals."
Thinking of QR Codes

"There is no I in Team." It seem to be the magical words to get an individual back in line with the approved behavioral pattern of a group. But upon analyzing the word TEAM, I couldn't find any reference to a words like WE or US in the word TEAM.
So it seems that the intention of using the phrase "There is no I in Team" is to have an individual to mindlessly follow the rules as set by a group, transforming the individual in MEAT. 
In my opinion the word TEAM does hold the letters to form the true intentions of the word. TEAM should stand for Me At or Me@. Me@work, Me@sports,

If the goals of a team and my goals are the same; if the team wants me as member and just as important. if I want to be part of the TEAM, a team effort could be the right decision. If there is no common goal or interest, there is no team, just a group of individuals.

Why this introduction when this blog handles about QR Codes? It is the phrase common goal that is the key item in the story.

A QR Code by itself is not a magical instrument to enhance internet awareness for your product or campaign. A QR Code is most commonly used as a bridging tool between offline or printed material with online content. If the online content is just a mirror of the offline content, what is the reason someone should cross the bridge? Tracking and tracing the effectiveness of the QR Code supported campaign is a nice property of a QR Code, but it is not a common goal a business shares with the customer.

Think... Think about what your customer might want to see after scanning a QR Code, think about the device the customer is likely to use when scanning a code and going to online content. Think, don't just use a QR Code mindlessly, this will result in you blaming the QR Code itself when a campaign does not yield the wanted result. Think about how you make your customer part of your team. Think, that's why the i is printed as an exclamation mark

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