Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spending Cryptocoins!

Quote from the movie Heat: "But l don´t have to sell this, you know it. This kind of shit here sells itself." Sex sells QR Code

Sex and gambling. For most self-respecting companies usually not the topics you want to be associated with.
So why mention them in the first place?

Because even when you are not directly involved with adult and or gambling industry, monitoring these two topics can deliver important indicators to determine your own strategy.

Both industries have been around since humans started to settle and sometimes even been the driving force for success or failure of new inventions.

The best example I can deliver for this hypothesis is the video-tape history, that is; if you are old enough to remember what a video-tape is. :-) I remember that there were three mayor technologies for the video-tape at the time. BetaMax, V2000 and VHS. After just a short time only VHS remained as mayor system. This was not because it was the technological best system, but because the it was the system that delivered the adult movies. And later history repeated itself with Blu-ray vs hd-dvd.

Therefore I think that both sex and gambling will be a mayor contributor to the success or failure of crypto currencies. Due to the nature of crypto currencies they are the ideal way for payments on the internet, with anonymity as one of the key features. I've already seen some gambling sites accepting or even working only with Bitcoin. And if you are older than 18, you should be able to find the adult sites accepting Bitcoin on your own. :-)

But both industries will require any crypto currency to be a steady, globally accepted coin. Just like any other business, participation and involvement needs to be worth while.

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