Saturday, March 8, 2014

Making your QR Code Friendlier.

Quote from the movie Batman & Robin: "Now what, call a taxi?!"
Custom QR Code with a Taxi Cab

QR Codes should make scanning a code a easier experience that the alternative; i.e. for hyperlinks typing the complete address, or for telephone numbers, remembering the number on a taxi, and just loose the two last digits because it just turned a corner.

Sure the QR Code reader app needs to start, but on modern telephones its just a matter of placing the reader app with your favorites for easy access.

Enhancing a QR Code should give it a more friendly appearance, just look at the two codes in this blog,

Both codes are identical with regard to the content, size, rotation and QR Code mask.

The difference is the rounded corners, the integrated image containing a friendly face, and the new calculated error correction to keep this QR Code fast scanning and error free.

Then again, would I require a taxi, I'd probably raise my hand and yell "TAXI".

Get you own copy of this code, with the content of your choice (hyperlink, telephone number) from my store @

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