Thursday, May 16, 2013

QR Code generator.........

Quote from the movie Highlander II: "I guess if you want something have to do it yourself."

I occasionally get an inquiry why my services for the generation of custom QR Codes is not avallable as an online service.Although I have been looking into this, there are just too many variables that prevent to offer the same quality in the services when using an online tool. Moving or scaling a graphic slightly when placing it in  a QR Code could make a big difference when trying to generate an fast scanning and error free result.

A work of art and beauty is generated from inspiration, experience and determination.

If someone can capture these traits in a couple of lines of computer code.......

The idea behind customizing QR Codes is to make a single code unique in a way that is visual recognizable by the human eye. As soon as this service is made into a tool, the unique factor is compromised.  Therefore I have decided not to put too much effort into an online version of my services, but too focus into fine tuning my existing tools too reduce the development time of these codes.

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