Friday, May 24, 2013

QR Code tags versus illegal copying.

Quote from the movie limitless: "I am taking special medication."

I just read a good blog entry about how tags, and especially Qr Codes could help to fight fraud. This article can be found following this link

QR Codes as tags on articles in a store that will lead you to the manufactures site to not only find out specifics about the product, but also that the product in question actually is a genuine product.

For example medication in drug stores. Just scan the box and be able to read a medicine specifics, risks in usage, side effects, prohibited combinations with other medication.

The only question in relation to fraudulent products is how to make sure that not only the product, but also the tag is not being copied, linking to a bogus website?

Using a branded QR Code will add just a little bit extra of confidence.If your branded QR Codes shows the same image as your companies logo, the product and website will create just a little extra genuine feeling.

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