Saturday, June 29, 2013

QR Code Readers

Quote from the movie The Green Lantern: "The Corp is only as strong as its weakest link"

Sexy QR Code
Enhancing a standard QR Code is weakening the readability. But the code itself is not the only link in the chain to keep a QR Code readable.

Using my method a code as displayed can be generated where the content of the QR Code can be made error free.

Using various readers like I-Nigma (WP7, iOS, Android), Qrafter (iOS), UpCode (WP7, Symbian) this QR Code's content is still readable.

The build in QR Code reader from the windows phone, integrated in the Bing Search App was unable to read this code.

To check if the same code containing content errors can also be read, an obvious deletion of part of the code was done.

I found it more than odd that suddenly the WP7 build in reader could actually read this code while it contained errors, while having trouble when the content was error free.

All the other readers used had no issue scanning this QR Code with error's.

When running a campaign with enhanced QR Code the readers that are used are not under your control.
Since the intention of a QR Code is to be scanned, it is just a question of how many potential clients will be unable to read a code that is enhanced with graphics and color due to the reader App that they have installed.

Stressing the readers even more a big chunk of the code was erased in the bottom right corner.

The I-Nigma and Qrafter reader had no problem correcting the missing content, the other readers mentioned could not cope with the code on my systems.

Since the amount of errors made by erasing this corner is well within the capability of the Reed Solomon correction engine, it is unfortunate that some readers refuse to decode the content.

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