Monday, June 3, 2013

QR Code Virus Threat

Quote from the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring : "...and our people lose faith."

I have been reporting about QR Codes being a placeholder for viruses in the blog before.
Apparently there has been an occasion where a QR Code was linking to a page that incurage to install an App on your mobile. This App seemed to be the virus.

A QR Code cannot be a virus. All files on you mobile, personal computer, laptop, pad or other intelligent device can be divided in two groups:
    1.) An app or programm that runs on the device, actively running tasks.
    2.) Data content, or information, like a document holding text, or a photograph.
A QR Code falls in group 2! The App that reads the QR Code falls in group 1.
Just as an e-mail, or even a blog, a QR Code can hold a link to malicious content, the link itself is not a virus.

How can you protect yourself against malicious content in a QR Code?
There are various QR Reader apps available, some will directly open a browser when reading a hyperlink, other readers will show the content of the QR Code, and ask what to do with this information, asking permission before opening a link in a browser.
Using this display before act options in a QR Code reader is a simple way to protect yourself against malicious intent.

Give you users an extra motivation to belief the validity of the content of your QR Code, by branding your code with your own logo.

Shield yourself and your QR Code against malicious use, restore the faith in this beautiful tool that is the QR Code.

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