Wednesday, July 10, 2013

QR Codes under a magnifying glass.

Quote from the movie Inspector Gadget: "Go, go, Gadget-- magnifying glass."

QR Code Magnified
Whats in a QR Code?

One of the biggest drawbacks of a QR Code is that the outside doesn't provide any information of the content.

What would compel anyone to pick up their mobile, start the favorite scanning application and read the code?

If using a QR Code in a campaign does not meet the expectations, is the answer in analyzing the code? Put it under a magnifying glass?

In order for a QR Code to "work" it needs to offer something that cannot be achieved easy without scanning the code.
    If you print your web URL on a car, and also have a QR Code printed on this car linking to the same URL the chances are that the added value of the QR Code is very limited.
A QR Code with the accompanying text, scan for ..... (more information, discount, free lunch, etc) that actually links to a mobile(!) webpage containing or enabling this offered service has a better chance to meet the expectations. Or enhance you QR Code so that this call for action is in the QR Code itself.

Keep in mind, the goal is not to have a lot of code scan's from just anyone, the goal is to have a lot of code scans from your targeted potential clients. A campaign optimized for a specific target group, should also contain a QR Code optimized in the same way.
Use the same kind of complexity and colors that are already used in you companies logo/campaign documents when graphically enhancing a QR Code.
A bright and colorful code where a company has a monochrome logo is not targeting the same audience.

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