Monday, July 29, 2013

Serving QR Codes.

Quote from the Movie The Game: "You ready to order sir -no I ' m still waiting"

One of the places where I'd like to see a QR Code used is in a restaurant.
Why a restaurant?  The most time in a restaurant you are waiting, it is probably the reason that the person serving you is called a waiter.

What do people do nowadays when they are waiting?

Correct, they play with their mobile phone.

The restaurant visitors should be engaged with the restaurant, and using QR Codes is a great way to point them to additional information on the internet.

A couple of idea's how a QR Code could be used in a restaurant are listed below, free wifi in the restaurant would be required!

A QR Code to check availability, and directly make a reservation.

Use QR Codes on the menu, for each dish a full scale picture could be placed on a webpage, including a list of ingredients, and allergy information, multiple languages could also be supported.

Use QRCodes to alert the restaurant hosts to indicate that you are ready to order, ready for a new drink, ready for the check, etc. Or even make it possible to order and pay via the internet.

Various landing-pages and various tables require multiple QR Codes, with the relink service of Kangaderoo a multitude of qr-codes can be generated while maintaining the same graphical look.

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