Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kangaderoo QR Code Philosophy

Custom QR Codes made by me (Kangaderoo) are very recognizable due to the used technique.

A QR Code can be compared with any kind of memory, from USB stick to just a piece of paper.

Memory or storage has a certain amount of capacity, i.e. the amount of lines that can be written op paper before it is 'full'.

With QR Codes there is the possibility to select different sizes, where a larger size can usually store a larger message. Combining the right QR Code size, message and image, can result in a QR Code as seen on the left.

When integrating a picture into a QR Code, I make use of the space that is not used by the message to draw the image. When using the same size for the image pixels as the elements in the QR Code, the light and dark parts of the image occupy a valid QR Code 'information' location. Thus makes the image part of the QR Code message in stead of a disturbance of the QR Code message.

The result is a error free, fast scanning QR Code. If you require such a code, don't hesitate to visit to see more examples of what is possible with QR Codes.

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