Thursday, August 22, 2013

The QR Code hassle.

Quote from the movie Point Break: "Think it through, man."

I came across a blog entry the other day that was claiming the QR Code being death. Again.....
Sure the QRCode will not live forever, but using the following reason got me thinking. Again...
Custom QR Code Angry Patrick

The stated main reason the QR Codes are dead and NFC is the future:

It is a too big of a hassle to take out your mobile phone, start an app, scan the code and wait for the browser to load a page.

How would you expect NFC to work? The steps include taking out the mobile phone, starting an app, holding the phone real close to the NFC tag, wait for a browser to load a page......

Don't these steps seem very familiar?

With or without QRCodes there seems to be a consensus that the internet will be used more and more using mobile devices or even newer technology like google glass. I don't own a google glass, but it looks like this technology is also trying to bridge the real world with the digital world. In order to create this augmented reality, real world items must be linked to online items. And since we cannot place click-able hyperlinks in the real world, technologies like QR Code and NFC can fill this gap.

The only reason QRCodes or NFC tags would fail in the future is not thinking the offered mobile experience through. Using these technologies is only a doorway to a (mobile) internet experience that should offer some kind of reward to the person scanning the QR Code or NFC tag.

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